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BTR-60R-975 - Vehicle used by Tactical Air Control Parties, equipped with four radio sets (R-123, R-134, R-853 and R-864), as well as the SMI-2 km beacon system (protected by a conical cover during transport) and the G-290B generator. It has two blade antennas on the rear of the deck The BTR-80 version is equipped with a new turret with 7.62 mm machine gun, an unmanned aerial vehicle with a 5 km range, new optical and infrared bands observation device TKN-4S and a Kredo-1 radar. In service since 2013 Vehicle entered service with the Soviet Army in 1986. Its production commenced the same year. Recently it is in service with a number of countries. This vehicle was also extensively used in a number of military conflicts worldwide. The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier has the same arrangement as the BTR-70 and BTR-60PB APCs. Driving compartment is located at the front of the hull, troops are seated in the middle and engine is located at the rear The BTR-4Ksh is a staff and command vehicle. It features a seven-man crew and has a combat weight of 18t. The BRM-4K is designated as reconnaissance armoured vehicle. BREM-4K is a repair and recovery vehicle, BSEM-4K is a medical support vehicle, MPO-4K is a fire support vehicle fitted with a 120mm gun. The BTR-4 BAU variant is fitted with a. The BTR-82 is powered by a new KamAZ 740.14-300 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 300 hp. It is commercially available truck engine. The engine is mated to a new manual transmission. Vehicle also has auxiliary power unit, which powers all systems and charges the batteries, when the main engine is turned off

The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier is a successor to the BTR-70 APC. Its development began in the 1980s. Vehicle entered service with the Soviet Army in 19.. Image courtesy of Vitaly V. Kuzmin. The BTR-82A is an advanced 8×8 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) being manufactured by Military Industrial Company of Russia for use by the armies of Russia and Kazakhstan. The first prototypes of the vehicle were unveiled in December 2009

Burf and Tam Racing (that's BTR) is the culmination of two mountain bikers who share a dream: to design, build, and ride the world's best bikes. Our focus has always been to build the best bikes possible, bringing performance, durability, and craftsmanship together to create hand built masterpieces which bridge the gap between engineering. BTR-90 (GAZ-5923) is an 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle developed in Russia, designed in 1993 and first shown publicly in 1994. It is a larger version. The BTR-3E variant has also been evolved into an armored battlefield recovery vehicle known fittingly as the BTR-3E ARV. Consistent with other vehicles in this specialized class, the BTR-3E ARV is fitted with a bulldozer-type blade, a heavy-duty crane system and a powered winch suite - all designed to clear roads of debris and destroyed vehicles About The BTR-60 Communications Vehicle: The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs). It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961

BTR-80 je sovětské, resp. ruské kolové obojživelné obrněné vozidlo 8x8 z 80. let 20. století. Stroj, který je nástupcem obrněných transportérů BTR-60 a BTR-70 se začal sériově vyrábět od roku 1984.Jedná se o víceúčelové vozidlo pro dopravu osob na bojiště, palebnou podporu, průzkum, doprovod, hlídkování a k dalším účelům BTR-80 is Russian made armored vehicle. It was designed as the 8×8 armored vehicles. BTR-80 was particularly designed to carry the huge number of the infantry soldier as the personnel carrier. It can also provide close fire support and has many advanced features for the battlefield The BTR-80 is an 8x8 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed in the USSR. Adopted in 1986 and replaced the previous versions, BTR-60 and BTR-70 in the Soviet Army.2 (Russian бронетранспортер, BTR stands for bronyetransportyor, literally meaning armoured transporter) 1..

A larger BTR vehicle was introduced around the same time as the BTR-40. This was the BTR-152. Based on the chassis of a ZIL 6×6 lorry, the BT-152 could carry 17 men in its troop compartment, compared with eight on the BTR-40. Pintle Mounts. The BTR-40 set the standard for how the BTR series would be armed The prototype of the BTR-82 was shown for the first time in November 2009. BTR-80K (GAZ-59031) (kommandnyj) - command vehicle APC with telescopic antenna mast, TNA-4 navigation device and R-168 series of radio equipment. BTR-80A (GAZ-59034) - IFV See pictures with 30 mm gun 2A72 and 300 rounds as primary weapon. The turret is called BPPU and is.

BTR-60R-140BM - BTR-60PB converted into a SW signals vehicle similar to the BTR-60R-137B. It is equipped with three radio sets: R-140, R-405, R-123. BTR-60R-156BTR - BTR-60PB converted into a HF signals vehicle used on the operational level. It is equipped with the R-156 HF radio and two other radio sets: R-405 and R-123 The BTR-80 is an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) type infantry vehicle. It is based on the earlier type: BTR-70. The first type was manufactured in 1986 by the Company Arzamas machinery Construction Plant of Nizhny Novgorod, since then many variants have been made, for example: the 2S23 Nona-SVK, BREM-K, RKhM-4 and many more. It has been used in a number of military conflicts and. The BTR-4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) is intended to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units and to provide fire support in combat. The APC is used for equipping military units capable of carrying out combat actions in various conditions, including NBC environment BTR vehicle repair, Doncaster. 178 likes. Vehicle mechanic 4 wheel alignment Services Timing belts and chains Exhausts All aspects of repairs considere

btr ls3 shaft rocker kit (currently on backorder - eta 3-4 weeks) as low as $309.99. btr lower timing gear - like 12556582 - btr56582 . $29.99. btr lsa truck supercharger kit . as low as $3,271.82. btr truck yeah! package . rating: 100%. 5/5 review. as low as $834. BTR Chicago, Inc is the best choice for the regular vehicle maintenance, auto repair and service. Regular vehicle maintenance typically includes tire rotations, oil changes, fluid reservoir checks, fill-ups, and light replacements. You can do all these by yourself anytime and anywhere since they require no further assistance or any special. Classname: Full Name: Image: Armor: Max. Seats: Cargo Seats: Gunners: AH1Z: AH-1Z [USMC] 60: 1: 0: 1 A10: A-10 [USMC] 75: 1: 0: 0 AH64D: AH-64D [USMC] 60: 2: 0: 1. The BTR-4 is a fully amphibious, 25-ton class, 8x8 all-terrain, multi-purpose wheeled armored vehicle designed by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) for battlefield troops transport and to provide fire support to dismounted troops BTR Motor Body Builders. 161 likes. BTR Motor Body Builders has over 40 years experience in the Motor Body Building Trade

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The BTR-80 is a modern, lightly armored vehicle with a diesel power plant. It is manufactured at the Gorkiy Automobile Factory in Nizhniy Novgorod and has been in service since the early 1980s. The BTR-80 is a lightly armored amphibious vehicle with a collective chemical-biological-radiological (CBR) protective system The BTR-3 is an all-new production vehicle, rather than an upgrade of the existing in-service vehicle, such as the BTR-80. BTR-4 - Another Ukrainian eight-wheeled APC (2006) with rear doors designed in Ukraine by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (SOE KMDB) as a private venture. The prototype was unveiled at the Aviasvit 2006. A command vehicle - designated as the BTR-4KSh - sports extra communications equipment and is armed with just a single 12.7mm TKB-01-1 heavy machine gun for self-defense work. The crew consists of seven personnel including the driver and vehicle commander as well as applicable mission specialists

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Looking for online definition of BTR or what BTR stands for? BTR is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar The following is a list of vehicles that are already and will be available in Squad. 1 Gameplay 2 Physics 3 Legend 4 All vehicles 4.1 Transport 4.2 Logistics 4.3 Light Attack & Recon Vehicles 4.4 Anti-Air 4.5 Armor Hunters 4.6 Armored personnel carriers (APC) 4.7 Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) 4.8 Main battle tanks (MBT) 4.9 UTILITY HELICOPTERS 5 Commander vehicles 6 Trivia 7 See also To. free shipping on all orders over $99. black disposable masks - box of 50 state of grac The BTR-80 is a 8x8 wheeled combat vehicle intended to carry infantry troops, arms and other loads on the battlefield while providing fire support thanks to a turret-mounted gun. It features lightweight armor, 9 firing ports, NBC protection, automatic fire fighting system, a central regulation of tire air pressure system, four side and two top hatches allow troops to mount/dismount quickly

BTR-40 - BTR-60 - BTR-70 - BTR-152 - BTR-94 - Soviet Union - Armoured personnel carrier - GAZ-63 - BRDM-1 - BRDM-2 - BTR-50 - PT-76 - Light tank - BTR-80 - ZiS-151 - ZIL-157 - BMD-1 - BMD-3 - BTR-90 - BTR-T - T-54/T-55 - BTR-3 - Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau - Ukraine - BTR- The BTR-K Kamysh is a tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle used exclusively by CSAT forces in ArmA 3. The Kamysh is tied with the ZSU-39 Tigris as being one of the fastest tracked vehicles in ArmA 3, with a top speed of 91 km/h. 1 Overview 2 Design 3 Camouflage 4 Protection 4.1 Hull 4.1.1 Hull Slat.. The BTR80A APC is a vehicle that shares common characteristics with the V150 AFV. It is known for its odd, oblong figure with 8 wheels. This vehicle has an arrow-like shape hull that slopes in the front. The turret is located on the top of the vehicle, close to the front of the vehicle. It is a circular shape and has two guns, and three weapons BTR-T - Russian tracked infantry fighting vehicle based on the T-55 chassis. BTR-3 - Ukrainian BTR-80 variant eight-wheeled APC, it is manufactured by KMDB in Ukraine . The BTR-3 is an all-new production vehicle, rather than an upgrade of the existing in-service vehicle, such as the BTR-80

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The vehicle was developed at the end of the 1950s as a substitute for the BTR-152 which had become outdated. During the 1960s many improvements were made and at that time the vehicle was the most important armoured carrier in the Soviet Army. It was used by 30 states all over the world, both the communist and the 'friendly' ones The BTR-80 can hold 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 11 passengers. The vehicle has a single 260-hp, V-8 turbocharged, water-cooled, diesel engine unlike the twin gasoline engines that was incorporated in the BTR-70, as well as having the rear of the vehicle raised up, the rearward-sloping engine compartment squared off, and the removal of the roof. BTR (vehicle) and Armoured personnel carrier · See more » BMD-1. The BMD-1 is a Soviet airborne amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle, which was introduced in 1969 and first seen by the West in 1970. New!!: BTR (vehicle) and BMD-1 · See more » BMD- The BTR-90 was an Armored Vehicle in Battlefield Play4Free. Its American counterpart was the LAV-25. Its main weapon was a 2A42 30mm Chain Gun which did 60 damage; the alternate weapon is a 9M133 Kornet unlockable via Training. It also has four passenger seats armed with light machine guns

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Belarusian BTR-80 Armored Vehicles Bounce Like Bumper Cars In Chain Traffic Accident The vehicles got into some trouble as they arrived in the capital Minsk to prepare for celebrations to mark. Version 1.1 Just a retexture from a dull desert to khaki with green) For the performance of this mod, you may need a modified gameconfig.xml for your version of the game. The author of the envelope model: JohnMc Installation: Open OpenIV, switch to edit mode. Go to: GTAV \ update \ update.rpf \ common \ data \ Find the file dlclist.xml and export it to your desktop, open dlclist.xml notepad.

BTR-80 instead has overhead hatches for the driver and commander to Turn Out of the vehicle, but otherwise looks almost indistinguishable from a BTR-70. The BTR-80A is instantly recognizable by its larger turret and longer-barreled weapon (reaching almost the very tip of the nose of the vehicle) BTR-60 | armoured vehicle. Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images from experts

ACE Model v měřítku 1:72, 72127 je přebal vydáno 2014 | Obsah, Náhledy, Recenze, Historie + Obchod | BTR-D | EAN: 482002572127 BTR-60 je sovětské, resp. ruské osmikolové obojživelné obrněné vozidlo z konce 50. let 20. století. Sériově bylo vyráběno od roku 1959. Stroj byl ve výzbroji sovětské armády i několika armád Varšavské smlouvy Geschichte. Der BTR-80 wurde Anfang der 1980er Jahre bei der sowjetischen Armee in Dienst gestellt. Grundlage für die Neuerungen am 1980er-Modell der BTR-Serie gegenüber seinen Vorgängertypen waren die Erfahrungen, die die sowjetischen Truppen im Afghanistan-Krieg gemacht hatten. Die wichtigste Veränderung betraf das Antriebsaggregat: Statt der beiden Benzinmotoren im Heck des BTR-60 und.

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Overall, the mobility of the BTR-T was largely unchanged from the medium tank it was based on. Armament. As mentioned before, the BTR-T was designed to be capable of carrying a multitude of different weapon systems to ensure the survival of the vehicle against the numerous threats it might encounter on the battlefield Maloobchod a velkoobchod s plastikovými modely letadel, tanků, lodí, aut a jejich doplňků Notice of Sale and/or Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off-Highway Vehicle or Vessel . must complete sections 1 & 3) . The purchaser's signature in section 3 is optional must complete sections 1, 2 (when applicable) & 3). Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off - Highway or Vessel Description . Year . Make/Manufacturer 1:72 BTR-80 Russian Armored Infantry Vehicle Die Cast Car Metal model 75 mm. $10.90. Free shipping . A-10 Attack Plane Fighter Die-cast Plane Model Scale 1:72. $26.56. Free shipping . 1/100th American F-22 Fighter Raptor Armoured Aircraft Display Diecast Model. $22.90. Free shipping

1) Irak časť vyrobených BTR-4E odmietol pre nízku kvalitu odmietol, cca 10 ks označených ako BTR-4EN predaných v roku 2014 Nigérii 2) bez doplnkového pancierovania: 1) aproximatly 10 pcs of 42 BTR-4E designed for Iraq was sold to Nigeria as BTR-4EN, after Iraq refused to accept them 2) without additional armor: Zdroje: Sources: www. A BTR-80 alongside a Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor.. The redesigned side doors are split horizontally. The upper portion opens forward; this gives dismounting troops some protection against small arms fire from the front of the vehicle Obchod s plastikovými modely, příslušenstvím a Airbrus The BTR-40 is a Soviet non-amphibious, wheeled armoured personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle. _____ all doors work lights work player hands on steering wheel mg work ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ bugs:- screen window not crash.

Bojové vozidlo pechoty BTR-82A je vývojovou verziou obrneného transportéra BTR-80, resp. bojového vozidla pechoty BTR-80A.Konštrukcia vozidla je zhodná so svojim predchodcom, motor je umiestnený vzadu, pred ním je bojový priestor BTR-152 (Rusça: БТР-152), bir Sovyet zırhlı personel taşıyıcıdır.Araç, ZiS-151 şasisi ve aktarma organlarının üzerine inşa edilmiştir. 1950'lerde bir dizi Varşova Paktı üyesi devletle hizmete girdi ve 1960'larda amfibi BTR-60 serisinin ortaya çıkışına kadar Sovyet motorize piyade taburlarının temel aracıydı. BTR-152'ler çeşitli markalarda mevcuttu ve Sovyet. The armored personnel carrier's Soviet mass production of BTR-80 entered in 1984, and repeatedly modernized, and as of 2012 still continues to be produced. The latest models of the BTR-80, equipped with enhanced weapons, many experts are classified as wheeled infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) Hotele w pobliżu Armoured Vehicle BTR - 60 PA, Aramil: zobacz w serwisie Tripadvisor recenzje i opinie podróżników (3 672), autentyczne zdjęcia (362) i doskonałe oferty na wakacje i noclegi w 30 hotelach w tym miejscu

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Other articles where BTR-60 is discussed: armoured vehicle: Wheeled armoured vehicles: of wheeled armoured vehicles, the BTR-60, in the early 1960s. In a typical configuration the BTR-60 weighs 10.1 tons, has a two-man crew, can carry 12 infantrymen, and is armed with a 12.7-mm heavy machine gun. The Soviets introduced improved versions in the late 1970s (BTR-70) and late 1980s (BTR-80) Hyundai, Kia, Genesis Coupe, Elantra, Sonata, Veloster, forte, ECU, Tuning, exhaust, intake, Ford, Focus, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Mustang, Subaru, BR

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The vehicle is designated BTR-3CS - also known as ACPC-01 (Armoured Command Post Carrier) - and was built through a collaborative programme funded by the DTI and incorporating Ukrainian state-owned defence industrial group UkrOboronProm and local firm Datagate, which assembled the prototype at its facilities in Chachoengsao, south-central Thailand Login to PayPal to complete your transaction and set PayPal as your default payment method. × Buy More, Save More. Get this item for $ when you bundle it with the items in your The BTR-80 and the two 1V152 vehicle have a number of common features. The 1V152 vehicles have bullet-resistant windshields and small windows to the sides which are very resistant to gunshots. The commander and driver have vision blocks to the front and to their respective sides to supplement this, and each have a night vision block

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BTR-90: Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Amphibious - Can transport up to 7 passengers - Has a separate command vehicle variant for use in Warfare scenarios BM-21 Grad: Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery - Rocket-based artillery system - Can transport a single passenger Bus: Single-Deck Bu Here is the BTR Modeler's Online Reference one-stop resource for photos, kits, details, and references. Cybermodeler Online. Celebrating 21 years of hobby news and reviews. Home What's New Features & Reviews Model Kit Top Gun Subject & Color Refs Search About Us. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY:. [VEHICLE] BTR-80. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. NaughtyBoy. last edited by GTATerminal . If someone could please make the BTR-80 i know there is BTR-90 but only 1 texture, and i wish someone make the BTR-80 looks more realistic and dangerous in action Looking for the definition of BTR? Find out what is the full meaning of BTR on Abbreviations.com! 'Built To Rule' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource Der BTR-90 ist ein Schützenpanzerwagen, der 1993 entwickelt und 1994 erstmals der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert wurde. Gebaut wird der BTR-90 im Werk für Maschinenbau von Arsamas, das zur russischen GAZ-Gruppe gehört. Technik. Dieses Modell der BTR-Serie ist gegenüber den Vorgängern in seiner Panzerung verstärkt worden..

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  1. Oct 11, 2016 - Explore Britt's board BTR 80 on Pinterest. See more ideas about Military vehicles, Military, Armored fighting vehicle
  2. Russian personnel carrier. 348 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 14, 2016 Game Version: 1.0.
  3. The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs). It was developed in the late 1950s as a replacement for the BTR-152 and was seen in public for the first time in 1961. BTR stands for Bronetransporter (БТР,.
  4. The BTR-40A (БТР-40А) is a Soviet fire support vehicle developed in the early 1950s from the BTR-141A, but based on the updated BTR-40 vehicle.. Variants BTR-141 Prototype, too small to fit the required roles. BTR-141A Fire support model based on the BTR-141. BTR-40 Standard model. BTR-40A Fire support model, also used in the light anti-aircraft role

The BTR-3E is a fully amphibious vehicle, powered while afloat by one water-jet propeller installed in the rear hull and capable of a maximum water speed of 10 km/h. To prepare the vehicle for water, the driver erects a trim vane and switches on the bilge pumps from his position within the vehicle BTR-152 TCM-20 - Israeli air defense vehicle based on ex-Syrian or ex-Egyptian BTR-152. It is armed with twin 20 mm cannon in a TCM-20 powered mount. Lebanon Edit. BTR-152 modified by Lebanese Militias. It was fitted with ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun placed inside the troop compartment btr-70 in detail -soviet modern armoured wheeled vehicle btr-70 in belgian royal army museum collection- g023 photo manual for modelers **brand new** BTR-50PK BTR-50 Description pictures gallery infantery armoured armored personnel carrier vehicle BTR-50PK Russian Army Russia. Description galerie photos images véhicule blindé léger de transport de troupe BTR-50 PK armée Russe Russie The BTR-110 is a no-nonsense infantry fighting vehicle. It descends from a long ancestry of Soviet/Russian armored personnel carriers (which also includes the first infantry fighting vehicle: the BMP1) that specialize in large-scale infantry-based warfare. The remotely-controlled auto-cannon turret can make short work of enemy combatants with nearly no risk to its own passengers while a side.

Russian Used Cars Are Much Better Than Ours: GAZ 59037AVEHICLE ID - Chapters 5 & 9 with Cards at Fort RuckerBest of SEMA 2014 - Hyundai Genesis Coupe by BloodType RacingBTR-50P Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier

The scheme will deliver 17-storey tower comprising of 346 BTR homes, 17 parking spaces and 12,800sqft of commercial space, the manager said. Candleriggs Square is the fund's second investment in Glasgow, following last year's funding of a 324-home BTR scheme at Buchanan Wharf BTR-50PK Vehicle Model Length: 204mm, Width: 90.2 mm. BTR-70 Vehicle Model Length: 218.8 mm, Width: 80.7mm. BTR-80A Vehicle Model Length: 220 mm, Width: 84.6mm. Trumpeter 1/35 Russian BTR-40 APC 50PK 70 80A Armored Transport Vehicle Car | eBa Battlefield Vietnam [edit | edit source]. The BTR-60 in Battlefield Vietnam.. In Battlefield Vietnam, the BTR-60 is used by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong. Like the PT-76, the BTR-60 also an amphibious vehicle. However, it has much thinner armor and a lighter armament, which allows it to be faster. It can hold a total of 6 players, with one driver, one gunner, and four passengers, of. BTR-90 is a prototype Soviet Infantry FIghting Vehicle that first appears in Wargame: Red Dragon. InfantrySupportTanksReconVehiclesHelicoptersAircraft. BTR-50P (Ob'yekt 750) (1952) - The first production version with an open troop compartment. The vehicle had no integral armament, but it did have a pintle mount for a 7.62 mm SGMB medium machine gun. Early production BTR-50P models had folding ramps at the rear of the hull to enable either a 57 mm ZiS-2, a 76.2 mm ZiS-3 or an 85 mm D-44 anti-tank gun to be loaded and fired on the engine decks

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